Bachelor Party Gag Gifts

Get a good laugh, have some fun and let the good times roll with bachelor party gag gifts! Enjoy the night and celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the groom-to-be by offering some comic relief. Keep in mind whether the groom-to-be is traditional and reserved, or laid back and relaxed. This assessment will help you to determine how far to go with the bachelor party gifts!

Some fun and creative bachelor party gag gift ideas include a marriage survival kit, handyman marriage belt
and make-up coupon book.

Marriage Survival Kit
In the marriage survival kit include items that will help the groom get through his first year of marriage. These items will help him stay on his wife's good side!
  • A calendar complete with the bride and groom’s anniversary, birthdays and important dates marked accordingly.
  • Antacid tablets and Pepto for upset stomachs, due to bad cooking.
  • A gift card to the bride-to-be’s favorite restaurant, as a way to get the groom-to-be out of the doghouse!
Handyman Marriage Belt
For the handyman marriage belt, include items that will help the groom-to-be assimilate to his new life with his wife.
  • A belt with large and small slots for numerous items.
  • Cooking utensils, such as mixing spoons.
  • A can of air freshener for unbecoming odors.
  • A white flag to surrender during arguments, and hand sanitizer to wash your hands clean of all disagreements.
Make-up Coupon Book
In the make-up coupon book include everything the groom needs to aplogize to his lovely bride after the slightest of disagreements. The following coupons will help the groom make up with his bride in no time!
  • Dinner to the bride-to-be’s favorite restaurant.
  • The groom-to-be agrees to do the dishes for a week.
  • A back massage for the bride-to-be.
  • The groom-to-be agrees to clean the house for a week.
Additionall, bachelor party favors are a superb way to help the bachelor party attendees remember the fun of the event. Keep with the gag theme for the favors. Favor ideas include coupons for a free night on the groom-to-be’s couch if a groomsman and his significant other get into an argument. Another idea is a rain check for a guys night out at a moments notice. An idea for a favor that can be purchased and personalized is a mug or flask that says, “Mike’s Sidekick – July 6, 2011” or “Last night out with Mike – July 6, 2011.”
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