Bachelor Party Themes

Bachelor party themes can be fun ways to enhance any bachelor party. Though you don’t necessarily need a theme, it’s a good way to smoothly tie together different aspects of the party, like activities and food. Here is a list of bachelor party theme ideas that will ensure that the husband-to-be has a great time:

  • Groom’s picks: This idea focuses on all of the groom’s favorite things to do. From favorite sports teams to favorite color to favorite food, everything at the party should be focused on the groom’s preference. The food and drink should be whatever the groom likes to eat and drink. If he doesn’t have one, create a drink based on his favorite fruit or alcohol and name it after him. Decorations should all be in the groom’s favorite color. Don’t worry if it looks silly, the point is to have fun! Activities can range anywhere from a movie marathon of the groom’s top three films to a pickup game of his favorite sport.
  • The Amazing Race: This theme is like an extended scavenger hunt—just like the show! This can work in one of two ways. One way is to give teams of guests lists of things to go find and to tell them to get creative with how they go about it. The other way is to give them one first clue that will lead them to another clue, and so on. Either way, the point of the scavenger hunt is that you move around the town or city that you are in. At the end, you should all meet at some central destination for a party, like a bar or a home. A fun idea is to have everyone take pictures of each stop or item. Then, during the party, compile the photos together in a slideshow and show them for everyone to see! This idea works especially well in big cities, where there are lots of possible items or stops.
  • Barbeque: If you want something low-key and fun, choose a barbeque theme! This way, you can throw a few steaks on the grill, have a few beers and just hang out with the guys. This party requires only a small amount of planning. All you need a grill and some food! Ask guests to bring side dishes and drinks and let the good times roll!
  • Game show: A game show party can be a great way to tell some funny stories about the groom. You can model the game after any game show, such as Jeopardy. Just make sure that all of the questions are about the groom! This party will require a good amount of preparation, as you will have to make up the questions.
  • Tournament: For this party, pick the groom’s favorite sport or activity, like cards, dodge ball or paintball. Then, divide guests into teams and have a round-robin tournament. For this party, you can have the decorations be sports-themed (though they don’t necessarily have to be the same sport that is being played). Decorate the party area with the colors of the groom’s favorite sports team. Finish off the day with by grilling some burgers and hot dogs to re-energize before the big day!
These are only a few bachelor party theme suggestions, so feel free to get as creative as you’d like. Remember: have fun!
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