Be My Anti-Valentine

For some, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful excuse to go to dinner with a significant other, give each other chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and who knows what else? With the anticipation of Valentine’s Day building for weeks if not months, what are all of the singles out there to do? It can seem pretty darn near impossible to ignore Valentine’s Day — it’s everywhere!

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So what’s a singleton to do? Forget about all of the cheesiness usually associated with the holiday and instead, grab your best friends and plan a fun night together. Head out on the town or host an Anti-Valentine's Day party at your house.
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To start, check out these Valentine's Day party ideas for singles and send a free digital Anti-Valentine's Day invitation to get the word out about your alternative bash. Use the Potluck feature on Punchbowl to include others in the party planning by asking them to contribute a dish and check out these Anti-Valentine's Day cocktail ideas.

Punchbowl also has the perfect outlet for you to share your Valentine’s Day disdain: Anti-Valentine’s eCards! Send them to your girlfriends, the guy who wronged you, or to someone you know that just loves to hate Valentine’s Day.

Single or not, share the day with people that you love and treat yourself. Your time is your own, so take advantage and do something that you enjoy.
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