Bridal Shower Gifts

Get ready to go shopping and have a blast purchasing bridal shower gifts! Most couples create registries at several stores, or just one store that has everything they need. Follow bridal shower gift etiquette rules and select at least one item off of the registry. For those who choose to give creative bridal shower gifts or unique bridal shower gifts, add them to the overall bridal shower present.

Best bridal shower gifts that aren't found in stores include:

  • Find out where the bride and groom will go on their honeymoon, and purchase a couples massage for them or a bottle of champagne and breakfast in bed.
  • Create a book for the bride-to-be, and include advice on each page about married life. Include tips such as, “never go to bed angry,” and “learn to pick and choose your battles.”
  • Purchase a session with a local photographer for either a “trash the dress” session after the wedding or a post wedding photo session.
  • Some great bridal shower gifts for a bride include treating the bride-to-be to a spa day before the wedding.
  • Purchase a personalized wedding dress hanger with the bride-to-be’s married name formed out of the wire.
  • Create a photo album composed of pictures of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be during their time as a couple.
Try gifting some of these ideas for bridal shower gifts, and simultaneously, make sure to follow bridal shower gifts etiquette.
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