Christmas Party Ideas for Adults

Start off the holiday season with some fun and take advantage of these Christmas party ideas for adults. Consider mature adult Christmas party ideas such as a Mr. and Mrs. Claus dress up party, a Christmas cocktail party, or a fun party activity where partners dress each other as Christmas trees.

Enjoy these creative Christmas party ideas for adults:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Claus: Throw a splendid adult Christmas party and require that all guests dress as either Mr. or Mrs. Claus. Cross-dressing is allowed! You'll have a blast! Award prizes for the best Mr. and Mrs. Claus costumes.
  • Christmas Cocktail Party: Spark some excitement with an adult-themed Christmas cocktail party. On the Christmas party invitation, include a request for each guest to bring his or her own cocktail recipe along with the necessary ingredients. Set up a cocktail station for guests to make the cocktails and share them with other party attendees. Tell them to tack on a creative name for the cocktail to add to the festive spirit of Christmas.
  • Christmas Tree Dress-Up: Ever heard of a wedding shower where guests dress up the bridesmaids in wedding gowns made of toilet paper? Plan the same type of activity for guests, Christmas style. Provide guests with green crepe streamers and decorations to resemble ornaments. Have guests partner up and dress one of the members in each group as a Christmas tree. Award a prize to the best-dressed tree.
Send your adult Christmas party invitation and spread the news about your fun and festive themed event!

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