Cocktail Party Games

Cocktail party games are a great way to break the ice and get everyone in the mood to party. Before deciding on what party games to play during your next cocktail party, make sure that it complements your party theme and is appropriate for all of the guests attending. Here are some cocktail party games that will make your event fun, memorable and a huge hit.

  • Karaoke: Karaoke is a great cocktail party game because it provides lots of laughs and entertainment. Purchase or rent a karaoke machine and make sure you provide enough microphones for duets and groups to sing at the same time. Ideally, start playing this game towards the end of the night once everyone has loosened up.
  • Trivia: Adult trivia is ideal for a more casual cocktail party game. Pick a trivia theme or tie it into your party theme if possible. Some topic ideas include relationships, movies, television shows, music or current events. If there are enough people at the party, have everyone break up into teams of two. Keep score and give the winner a special prize at the end of the game.
  • Dance Contest: Everyone loves to let loose and dance, so host a dance contest at your cocktail party and get everyone on their feet. Create your own dance floor by marking off a section of a large room and add lights and a disco ball. Elect a judge to decide which dancer will be eliminated (usually determined if they stop, aren't dancing enough, etc.) at the end of each song. The last person dancing on the floor wins.
  • Drinking Game: Instead of playing college drinking games of the past, mix things up with a mixology master contest. Divide the game into rounds with four people each. During each round have the contestants try to come up with a delicious drink concoction and then have everyone else vote which is the best. The winner of each round will then go to a final round to compete to be the party’s best mixologist. Make sure you have every variety of alcohol, mixers, liquors, garnishes, ice and shakers to play the game.
  • Charades: If you want a good laugh and little competition, host a game of charades. Divide the group into two teams. Have each team come up with movies, actors, sport stars and TV shows from their childhood. Place the ideas in a hat and have each team take turn picking a topic and acting it out. Make it more challenging by imposing a time limit.

There's nothing like a little friendly competition, so gather your friends together for a night of cocktails, games and lots of laughs.

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