College Graduation Party Invitations

From the style to the colors to the theme, there is a lot to think about when choosing a tasteful college graduation invitation for the big day. Will you invite friends and family to the Commencement ceremony? Will you host an elegant gathering, a backyard BBQ, a "keg" party, or a formal family event. No matter what choice you make, we have a wonderful selection of College Graduation Invitations available for you to send conveniently by email or text.
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When you (or your child) have worked hard and achieved a wonderful milestone - graduation from college - it's time to invite friends and family to help celebrate that accomplishment. We have a wide range of college graduation invitations to help get your party off to a perfect start.

Fantastic Florals

Perfect for a summer graduation party, these floral invitations feature watercolor flowers in bold colors. They'd be fantastic for a lovely backyard barbecue.

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Elegant Soiree

Choose these beautiful black and gold foil invitations for a more elegant party. Perhaps a private gathering at a gastro-pub or upscale restaurant.
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Class Specific

Perhaps you're celebrating graduation from a specific class or into a special profession. We have several customized invitations, like these White Coat Ceremony invites for new doctors and Computer Science grad invitations. Add your party details to invite family members to a graduation ceremony and the after-party! 

Casual Gathering

Ready to kick back and relax with friends? You've earned it! Invite friends for a Grad BBQ or "Keg Party" with these fun invitations that are ready to send instantly!
No matter what type of College Graduation Party is right for you, we've got the invitation to suit the mood. Personalize them and send them by email or text today!

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