Creating a Hanukkah Party Playlist

Create a Hanukkah party playlist to set the mood for your celebration of the festival of lights. Plan the details of the music in advance of the party, such as what to use to play the music and the Hanukkah holiday playlist. Make a CD, add the songs to an mp3 player, or hire a band or DJ to play the Hanukkah music playlist.

Consider these Hanukkah music details:

  • Play the Music: Start to play the music around ten minutes before the expected arrival of guests. Rely on the music to welcome guests into your home or the venue. Set the tone of the mood and atmosphere with appropriate songs for the beginning, middle, and end of the party. Start off with upbeat music to excite guests and give them a great outlook on the rest of the celebration. Mellow the music down during the meal and pick up the pace again after the meal.
  • Volume: Be sure to keep the Hanukkah music set at an appropriate volume throughout the Hanukkah party. Before the arrival of guests, put the music on, and then make your way through different parts of the house or venue to ensure an appropriate volume. Upon the arrival of guests, ask if they can hear the music okay, or if there is a need to raise or lower the volume.
  • Playlist: Compose your Hanukkah holiday playlist based on the style of the party. Match the music to a casual, formal or fancy celebration. Internet radio stations often offer holiday-inspired playlists. Tune into the Hanukkah Pandora station or build your own list. 

Examples of Hanukkah party music to include:

  • The Chanukah Song – Adam Sandler
  • Oh Chanukah! – Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
  • Light One Candle – Peter Paul and Mary
  • In the Window – Menorah Players
  • Maoz Tzur
  • Sevivon

Continue to play the Hanukkah party music throughout the celebration and delegate the responsibility of the music to a member of the family to ensure the music plan plays out accordingly. 

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