Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets are a symbolic part of the Easter holiday and are often given as gifts to friends and family members, regardless of age. There are many Easter basket ideas that you can use to make personalized Easter baskets for the people in your life based on their likes and interests. Here are some great Easter basket ideas and tips to suit all of your family members' varying interests!   

Creative Easter Baskets for Kids

Fill your kids' Easter baskets with arts and crafts items to keep them busy, happy, and entertained. You can get everything from coloring books, crayons, and markers to finger paints, glitter, gel pens, washi tape, and clay. With a little advance planning, you can even focus the items in the basket around a fun Easter craft to work on later in the day!

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Easter Baskets for Toddlers

Toddlers are just beginning to learn about Easter and what it means to receive an Easter basket. Keep it simple with brightly colored plastic eggs filled with stickers or mini, bunny-shaped graham crackers. In addition to plastic eggs, you can include bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a stuffed animal bunny, or a small book about Easter.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Teenagers are at the age where they might think that they're too old for an Easter basket, but would still appreciate a little something to celebrate the day. Fill their basket with things they'll love: favorite snacks, books, scratch tickets, cute stationery, card games, nail polish, makeup, or a nice water bottle.
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Themed Easter Baskets

Themed Easter baskets are a great way to personalize your gift for the recipient. For example, if your little girl loves Disney princesses, you can design the Easter basket to be filled with Disney princess accessories, candy, and more. For your sports-lover, choose an Easter basket that is shaped like a soccer or basketball. Fill it with sports memorabilia, trading cards, candy, and other items. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your themed Easter basket - personalizing it for the recipient will make it a memorable gift!

Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Adults may be more difficult when it comes to putting together the perfect Easter basket. When trying to come up with Easter basket ideas for adults, consider some of their favorite items or things that could be of use to them. For a new home owner or someone with a green thumb, fill their Easter basket with gardening tools, seeds, and gardening gloves so that they can grow their own spring flowers. For someone who is always on the go, fill up their Easter basket with a variety of coffee flavors and travel mugs.
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Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Although chocolate and candy are delicious, some people prefer to avoid it all together so they won't be tempted. There are many other sweet alternatives that make great Easter basket treats! Raisins, for example, are a healthy snack that many people enjoy. Even if you choose to get chocolate-covered raisins, at least your child will get a serving of fruit instead of a handful of sugary candy. Other alternatives are packaged fruit snacks, bunny-shaped cheese crackers, or dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of 70% or higher.

Easter Basket Alternatives

If you want to give someone a little something extra or simply aren't into Easter baskets, send a digital Easter card with a thoughtful message inside and a gift card from a brand they'll love. Personalize your favorite Easter card and deliver it by text or email in minutes.

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