Easter Snack Ideas & Recipes

Complete your Easter celebration this year with these unique and delicious Easter snack recipes! Easter snacks make the perfect accompaniment to an Easter party menu or can serve as a little treat after hunting for eggs. You can also pack them up in the kids’ lunchboxes for a special surprise the Friday before Easter Sunday. Try your hand in the kitchen with one of these creative and tasty recipes!

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Easter Bunny Buns: These adorable buns appeal to all ages and are an easy Easter snack recipe. To create these bunny buns, you’ll need your favorite bread roll dough, homemade or store bought. Form a small ball of dough and then use kitchen shears to snip small triangles to add to the top as the bunny ears. Roll a small circle of dough and attach it to the front end of the roll to create a nose. Bake the buns according to the directions for the dough you use. Create eyes using decorations like frosting or chocolate chips, or simply poke holes with a toothpick.
Mozzarella Chicks: Turn a simple mozzarella and tomato appetizer into a memorable Easter snack with a few easy steps. Combine 1 part curry powder to 3 parts water and soak mini mozzarella balls for an hour. Rinse the mozzarella gently with cold water—the balls should have a soft yellow hue. Use skewers to pierce cherry tomatoes alternating with the mozzarella balls. Cut thin triangular pieces of carrot and push into the mozzarella to create the beaks of the chicks. Use black sesame seeds as eyes.

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Pastel Deviled Eggs: Deviled eggs are a classic Easter snack idea, but this twist makes them extra special. Start by peeling the shells off of a dozen hard-boiled eggs and slice each egg in half. Remove the yolks and set them aside in a small bowl. For each color, you will need to fill a mug ⅔ full with cold water and add 3 drops of food coloring, and 1 teaspoon vinegar. Place the egg whites into the mug and remove quickly to check if they are the correct color. Be careful—egg whites will soak up the color very fast. Drain the colored egg whites on some paper towels while you mash the yolks with ½ cup of mayo and a little Dijon mustard. Spoon the filling into the egg white halves and serve cold.
Easter Bark: Chocolate bark isn’t just for Christmas anymore. Follow these tips to create a beautiful and easy Easter snack or dessert. In two separate bowls, melt 1 pound package of candy coating chocolate. If you can only find white chocolate, create different colors with a couple drops of food coloring. Spoon the melted chocolate onto a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Use a spoon to gently swirl the colors together. Add your choice of Easter candy, such as jelly beans, sprinkles, candy-coated chocolate eggs, or even shredded coconut. Let cool and break into chunks when completely hardened.

Prepare one or all of these Easter snack recipe ideas and make your celebration extra memorable. Before you get all your snacks ready, be sure to send online Easter invitations to easily gather RSVPs and communicate with guests. 
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