G.I. Joe Birthday

Plan a G.I. Joe birthday for the little boy who is always on a top secret mission. Atten-tion! Bring the fantasy to life with camouflage and plenty of intrigue at your G.I. Joe birthday party. Incorporate the theme in the G.I. Joe birthday invitations, decorations, and cake. 

Plan a complete army affair with these G.I. Joe birthday party ideas:

  • Invitations: Invite guests to the birthday celebration with G.I. Joe or camouflage party invitations. Include invitation details such as the name of the birthday boy, type of event (birthday party), date, time, and location. Use wording for the invite such as, “You are invited to join a top secret mission to celebrate Evan’s birthday!”
  • Decorations: Decorate the room with the colors brown, green, and black to mimic the army camouflage. Cover the tables with black tablecloths. Place G.I. Joe themed plates, cups, napkins, and confetti on the table.
  • Cake: Purchase a G.I. Joe birthday cake from your local bakery or make one yourself. First, bake two round G.I Joe birthday cakes. Bake one large round cake and one small round cake. Place the small round cake on top of the large round cake. Use frosting to attach the two cakes. Use army green, brown, and black fondant frosting to make a camouflage design on the cake. Cut out squares of each color and piece them together like a quilt. Lay the camouflage fondant frosting over each layer of the cake. Roll balls of army green, brown, and black fondant frosting into balls and place them along the base of the smaller cake. For the finishing touch position G.I. Joe action figures on the cake.
  • Favors: Hand out G.I. Joe party favors at the end of the celebration. Purchase camouflage slinkies, tattoos, stickers, and stealth planes. Place the items inside of a G.I. Joe themed goody bag. Purchase G.I. Joe party masks or create personalized G.I. Joe badges for each child at the party.

Enjoy the party, soldier! Remember to wear your army uniform and don’t forget the walkie talkies!

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