Hanukkah Activities

Keep family and friends busy this holiday season with fun and creative Hanukkah activities. Spend time in the kitchen and bake some special treats or get a team together and play some games. Put your thinking caps on and put together puzzles or warm up your vocal cords and sing some holiday songs.

Here are some fun and festive Hanukkah activity ideas:

  • Bake: Plan a Hanukkah activity to bake goods for the holiday season. Bake traditional Hanukkah treats such as rugelach. Serve the rugelach to guests at a Hanukkah party or package them in cellophane bags with ribbon around the tops and hand them out as Hanukkah favors or gifts.
  • Games: Entertain the little ones with Hanukkah activities for kids such as fun games. Play the dreidel game, pin the letter on the dreidel, word searches, Hanukkah bingo, and the Hanukkah memory game. Award prizes to the winners! 
  • Puzzles: Provide Hanukkah puzzles with symbolic pictures to represent the holiday. Search for puzzles with images of dreidels, the Star of David, and menorahs. Supply appropriate puzzles for different age groups and give large puzzles with a minimal number of pieces to the younger kids. Provide more complicated puzzles with 100+ pieces as Hanukkah activities for teens.
  • Songs: Keep busy during the holidays with Hanukkah activities for the family such as singing traditional Hanukkah songs. Popular songs include Maoz Tsur, Oh Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah, and Sevivon. Type up the words for the songs and make copies for all of the Hanukkah guests. Add a special touch with music in the background.
  • Crafts: Plan Hanukkah craft projects for kids and adults during the holiday. Have the young kids decorate pouches to hold Hanukkah gelt. Provide supplies for the adults to make Star of David crafts out of stained glass (kits can be found at most craft stores).

Plan the Chanukah activities based on the preferences of your guests. Choose a variety of age appropriate activities that are fun for the whole family!

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