Heartfelt Free Valentine Cards

 You might be wondering "What is a good message to write on a Valentine's Day card?" The answer is to write (or type) from the heart. Regardless of whether you decide to send paper greeting cards or equally beautiful free Valentine e Cards, the goal is the game: to brighten someone's day with your kind thoughts and wishes for a wonderful Valentine's Day.
 First, consider the recipient. Is the recipient of your free ecard a significant other, friend, relative, parent, child, etc.? Does that person respond best to humor or would they rather receive a thoughtful poem or quote about your feelings toward them? Also consider gender of the recipient. Women tend to be more sensitive so if you're sending a Valentine's card to a female, make the extra effort to come up with something thoughtful to say.
 Next, figure out what message you want to convey. Has that person been extra patient with you while you work some things out? Has that person supported you through a difficult time? Has that person lifted your spirits with their positive outlook on life? Think of what you move love and appreciate about that person, then put it to words in your card. Now is the time to express your true feelings. 
 Don't have anything exceptional to say? There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and to the point!
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