Holiday Protocol for Vegetarians

Party planning can be stressful, but what about planning a vegetarian holiday meal? Traditional holiday meals often center around a large meat dish, which can pose a problem if any of the guests are vegetarian. As a host, it’s important to make accommodations for your guests’ dietary preferences, and as a guest, it’s important to communicate with whoever is hosting the party. Follow these tips so everyone can have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday meal together.
Here are a few ground rules for both hosts and guests, plus some ideas for a vegetarian holiday menu to keep your holiday vegetarian friendly!
  • For Guests: Tell your hosts ahead of time about your dietary restrictions. Vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian—there are so many varieties of choices to make about your food preferences, but the best thing is to be specific and clear with your host so there are no surprises the day of the party. Another thoughtful gesture is to suggest some of your favorite vegetarian holiday recipes or to offer to bring over a dish to share. That way you will be sure to have something that you enjoy eating, while also introducing others to something new!
  • For Hosts and Hostesses: Rule number one for hosting a party is to not isolate your vegetarian guests. Instead, solicit their help in planning the menu and ask about their likes or dislikes. Once you have some great new holiday vegetarian recipes to make, don’t co-mingle your animal foods with non-animal foods and expect your vegetarian guests to eat around the meat. It may offend them or make them sick. You can choose recipes that will appeal to other non-vegetarian guests as well by sticking with the meatless versions of familiar comfort foods (lasagna or quiche for example). Finally, if you are a vegetarian personally, try and include a few dishes with chicken or fish for your meat-loving friends.
These tips for planning a vegetarian holiday will make sure that everyone is included and feels welcome. Take the opportunity to try some new dishes and share your favorites with friends and family! Ready to start planning your own Thanksgiving party? Get started with one of our favorite free Thanksgiving invitations.
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