How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

Fulfill your sweet tooth cravings, and get tips about how to host a cookie exchange party! Host a holiday cookie exchange party with your friends and family, and share yummy cookies with one another. Start your cookies exchange planning well in advance and take advantage of these helpful tips.

How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

Helpful tips for planning a Christmas cookies exchange:

  • Guest List: Invite between 10-20 people to a residence or venue for the cookie exchange. Plan the event on Punchbowl and use beautiful cookie-themed holiday invitations for friends and family. Make sure to specify the cookie exchange party theme on the invitation and ask each guest to bring a certain number of cookies. Explain that guests should leave the party with the same amount of cookies they brought to the party. (Example: If you expect ten participants, including yourself, everyone should bake 11 dozen cookies. That way everyone will go home with 1 dozen of each variety.) Also note if you would like your guests to provide copies of their recipe. 

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  • Decorations: As part of the cookie exchange party planning, prepare the party space with decorations. Lay down an attractive tablecloth and complement it with decorative trays. Guests may choose to pre-package their cookies, or you can gather festive display trays, top them with doilies and have them available so each guest can display his or her cookies. Supply holiday themed bags or cookie tins for the cookie exchange, and have guests take them home at the conclusion of the party.
  • Menu: Serve a light lunch or brunch before the cookie exchange, or plan the party around a meal time. For lunch or brunch, serve finger sandwiches or bagels and fruit salad. Complement the cookie exchange with beverages for guests such as coffee, tea, fresh juices, and milk.  
  • Activities: Start the event off with a brief meet and greet for those unfamiliar with one another. Plan the cookie exchange as the main activity for the party. When the guests arrive, ask everyone to display their cookies on the cookie trays. Invite guests to walk around and fill their cookie tins or bags with an assortment of cookies.

Cookie exchange party planning doesn't have to be stressful. It's a time to catch up with friends and try new recipes! Smile in anticipation of a spectacular array of cookies to enjoy during the holiday season.

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