How to Host the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Get your turkey day planning underway and learn how to host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Create the perfect Thanksgiving with a combination of close family, friends, and delicious food. Incorporate proper Thanksgiving etiquette to bring together all of the details for the day.

Use these Thanksgiving dinner ideas to help with planning:

  • Invitations: Create your Thanksgiving guest list based on the location of the dinner, the number of people who can fit in the residence or venue, and the budget. Send beautiful online Thanksgiving invitations by text or email to guests. Include information such as the name of the event, name of the host or hostess, date, time, and location.

  • Decorations: Dress up Thanksgiving with festive fall decorations. Incorporate the colors red, orange, yellow, brown, and even deep purple. Display decorative turkeys, fall leaves, cornucopias, and candles. Here are some festive ideas for Thanksgiving table decorations

  • Seating Cards: Create beautiful seating cards or purchase them at your local party planning store. Write the names of the guests on the cards, and arrange them at the Thanksgiving table. Be sure to have another set of eyes glance at the seating plan in advance, and ask for his or her feedback. Doing your due diligence will avoid a scene between family members at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

  • Food: Start Thanksgiving off with appetizers such as bruschetta, cheese and crackers, and chips and dip. Check out these easy Thanksgiving appetizers for more inspiration. For the main course, serve either turkey or ham. Complement the meal with side dishes such as sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn bread. Check in advance to see if any vegetarians plan to attend and whether or not you need to offer vegetarian Thanksgiving options.

  • Dress Code: Determine whether the dress code for Thanksgiving dinner is casual, dressy, or formal. Notify guests in advance and give them plenty of time to prepare for the occasion. Make sure to keep the atmosphere and feel of your event consistent, and align the rest of the Thanksgiving details the same way. Need more guidance? Check out these tips on what to wear for Thanksgiving
Use these helpful hints, and host the perfect Thanksgiving! Impress guests with superb planning skills, and get the Thanksgiving fun underway. 
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