How to Plan a New Year's Trivia Party

A great idea for your New Year’s celebration this year is to host a trivia party. Trivia parties make a fabulous New Year party theme because they invite everybody to test their knowledge of the past year’s events and enjoy a little friendly competition.

Here are a few fabulous New Year trivia party ideas for you to try:

  • To prep for your party and ensure that everybody will get involved, set up New Year’s Eve trivia questions that fall into several different categories such as news, sports, entertainment, politics, “personal” or guest-related, and a general grab bag. You can create a Jeopardy-style clue board or simply write your New Year trivia questions on index cards.
  • Split your party guests into teams of four or five and give each an answer sheet. In the first round, ask one question from each category and give the teams a few minutes to deliberate between questions. Then have teams bring the game host their answers and tally up how many correct answers each has, giving a score update to your guests.
  • Round two of your New Year’s trivia game should have questions from the same categories that are slightly more challenging to answer. It’s time to really get those minds working! Continue to keep score and increase the difficulty of your questions for as many rounds as you’d like.
  • Finish off your trivia party games with a final lightning or bonus round. This is the time to really kick things up a notch and make it anybody’s game. Pull from your bank of little-known details about party guests and have teams try and match the fact to the person. Mix up the style of answering questions as well by having some clues that need to be drawn or acted out for other teammates to guess. At the end of the game, determine the final scores and award the winning team a prize! Have smaller favors for everyone else. After all it’s just for fun!

Your trivia party ideas are sure to be a hit with all of your guests. Play after dinner or serve small finger foods so you can snack as you battle your brains for the ultimate title of New Year’s Eve trivia champion.

Need to invite friends and family to your New Year’s Eve celebration this year? Try one of our free New Year’s Eve invitations!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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