Ideas for Spring Parties

Winter has come and gone, so gather your family and friends and take advantage of some great ideas for spring parties! Plan food, drinks, favors and decorations around a spring theme that incorporates spring colors. Oh, and don’t forget, with spring here, summer is right around the corner!

Spring party ideas include:

  • Drinks: Quench the thirst of your guests by serving a delicious springtime drink. Lemonade is a traditional springtime beverage. Make pink or yellow lemonade either from a mix or from scratch. Serve the lemonade in a clear, glass pitcher, and add a decorative touch by dropping thin lemon wheels in the pitcher as well. For a unique and fruity springtime drink, make strawberry or raspberry lemonade, or whip up some refreshing fruit smoothies!

  • Favors: Springtime party favors are excellent take-away gifts for guests. Begin by purchasing small plant pots, a bag of potting soil and multiple packets of flower seeds. Create flower making kits by creating small individual bags of potting soil, and placing them in the flower pots, along with packets of seeds. Tie pastel colored ribbon around each pot to add a special spring touch.
  • Dessert: Bake cupcakes or purchase them from your local bakery. If you choose to make the cupcakes yourself, bake vanilla cupcakes in green cupcake cups. Once they cool, frost them with light pink, light blue and light purple frosting in the shape of flower petals. Create the flower petals by using a frosting bag and decorative tip. The green cupcake cups will look like the flower stems. Arrange the cupcakes on a green platter and serve them to guests. If guests would prefer to take their cupcakes home, place each cupcake in a small box, and tie pastel ribbon around the outside.
  • Table Decorations: Dress up the party tables with springtime themed decorations. Purchase pastel colored table cloths, either all in the same color or a variety of different colors such as pink, green, purple and blue. Search for napkins that have floral designs on them. Place a floral arrangement from your local florist in the center of each table. Surround the centerpiece with votive candles which will create soft light.  

Send free spring party invitations through Punchbowl and customize with all the information about the party. Guests will be able to take part in a cocktail poll, add items to the potluck and make comments about how excited they are to see everyone.

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