Kids Spring Party Ideas

To keep the kids entertained while you mingle with the adults at your spring party, plan some spring party activities for the kids. Make sure to plan for different age groups, or plan a handful of activities that can entertain children of all ages.
Kids spring party ideas include:
  • Games: Games are always a great way to keep the kids busy during a party. Visit your local kid’s educational store and purchase a parachute, some bean bags and a CD that contains parachute songs and games. The parachute can be quite large, so plan to play outside (weather permitting)! If you have a teenager at the party, ask them to help lead the games for the kids. Thank him or her later with a gift card to their favorite store!
  • Arts and Crafts: Plan an arts and crafts project for the children that allow them to express their creative juices. Offer children the option to make a bouquet of flowers for an arts and crafts project. Gather supplies such as egg cartons, glitter, markers, green pipe cleaners, play dough and Styrofoam coffee cups. Collect egg cartons in advance of the kids spring party. Cut out each individual egg compartment, as the children will use them to create their own flowers. Poke a hole in the center of each egg compartment, and feed through the end of a green pipe cleaner. Fold the end of the green pipe cleaner over to attach it to the egg carton. Next, instruct the children to decorate the egg cartons (their flowers). While the flower decorations are drying, prepare to use the Styrofoam coffee cup and play dough. Stuff the play dough in the bottom of the coffee cup, and poke holes in the play dough for the pipe cleaner stems. Insert the pipe cleaner stems in to the holes. Sprinkle green or brown glitter over the play dough to create dirt or grass. The flower bouquet is now complete!
  • Balloon Artist: Get the kids excited and keep them entertained with a balloon artist. Speak with the balloon artist in advance and make him or her aware that the party will have a spring theme. Request that the balloon artist creates flowers, birds and tree shapes out of the balloons. Also, any special requests from the children should be honored.

You can also plan kids spring party ideas around a particular theme such as butterflies or spring sports. Games, activities and favors can be built around the spring theme.

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