Mardi Gras Party Ideas

If you're hosting a Mardi Gras party, you may feel a bit overwhelmed trying to plan the food menu, guest list, decorations, and party supplies. But your celebration doesn't need to be a stressful experience to plan or to host. Here are some fabulous Mardi Gras party ideas with matching Mardi Gras invitations that will help you plan a memorable, stress-free event. So as they say in New Orleans, "Laissez le bon temps rouler," or "Let the good times roll!"

Pancake Party

This Mardi Gras party theme is perfect for a fun get-together with friends. To start, send a Mardi Gras Pancake Party invitation with important event info. At the party, set up a “pancake bell” like the ones the churches use on Shrove Tuesday (also know as Pancake Tuesday) and set up a pancake race, similar to the ones in England. Have each participant carry a frying pan with a cooked pancake. While running through the course, they also must flip the pancake a number of times before reaching the finish line.
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Bourbon Street "Beads & Brews" Party

This bash is a great alterative if you aren’t able to head down to New Orleans to experience the real Bourbon Street festivities. Customize a Beads & Brews Mardi Gras invitation and send by text or email instantly. Decorate your house with purple, green, and yellow lights, streamers, and balloons. Be sure to have plenty of colorful beads on hand for guests and check out these fun, Mardi Gras-inspired beers for beverage ideas. Set up a jester stand as a photo booth for guests to pose and take pictures. You could also play activities at your party like Mardi Gras trivia or hold a costume contest. Play New Orleans jazz music in the background of your party and serve plenty of authentic Cajun and Creole dishes.
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Masquerade Dinner Party

This theme is perfect for a Mardi Gras party. Send out Masquerade Dinner Party invitations to your guests far enough in advance so that they can plan their outfits accordingly. You can either ask them to come wearing a mask or come completely disguised as someone of their choosing. Either way, a masquerade party is full of fun and excitement – just like Mardi Gras! Plan a dinner menu for a fancy sit-down dinner or set up the dinner buffet style.
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Block Party 

A block party is a wonderful way to get your friends, family, and neighbors together to celebrate Mardi Gras. Check with your local town hall about any street regulations you should know about before you start planning. Send out Mardi Gras Block Party invitations to your neighbors to invite them to the festivities. You could also set up a potluck for everyone to bring different Mardi Gras food items like gumbo, King Cake, jambalaya, fritters, grits, oysters, and other Cajun or Creole dishes. Plan a variety of activities for the kids to play during the party. Another idea is to ask guests to come dressed up in their best Mardi Gras outfits and have a contest for best dressed or most unique Mardi Gras mask!
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