Medical School Graduation Cake

 Graduating from medical school is an accomplishment that is reason for celebration. A traditional way to celebrate is with a medical school graduation cake! Whether the med school graduation cake is for a post graduation dinner with family or for a large party with friends, you want it to be both beautiful and delicious.
 Here are some med school graduation cake decorating ideas:
  • School ID: Bake the med school graduation cake in the shape of a rectangle, which resembles a school ID. Obtain the graduate’s school ID in order to copy the exact layout on the cake. If it is not possible to obtain the school ID, incorporate a picture (headshot) of the graduate on the left hand side of the cake. Design the cake so that the graduate’s picture takes up half of the cake. On the right-hand side of the cake, write the graduate’s name, name of the school, program and year of graduation. Another similar option is to decorate the top of the sheet cake with the ID badge from the hospital where the graduate will do their residency.
  • School Mascot: Design the med school graduation cake in the shape of the school mascot. For example, design the cake in the shape of a Terrier (Bulldog) for graduates from Boston University. Incorporate the school colors in the cake décor. Similarly, you can also use the school logo. 
  • Picture: Take a picture of the medical school graduate on graduation day in his or her cap and gown. Pose the graduate in front of a sign showing the name of the school, while holding his or her diploma. Another option is to find a childhood picture of the graduate dressed up in a doctor’s jacket. Bring the picture to the bakery and order an edible picture on the cake.
  • Medical Related: Medical school graduation cakes are often decorated with stethoscopes, thermometers, and other medical instruments. A design in the shape of a shot, for example, makes a perfect cake for a graduation from medical school. You can use icing to create the look or find plastic cake toppers for the occasion.
 Once you have an idea about how you want to decorate the medical school cake, you can figure out if you'll be able to make it yourself or if you'll need to hire a baker. Other decisions that need to be made about the cake include the flavor of the medical party cake, fillings, and frosting type/flavor. Base these decisions on the preferences of the graduate. Common flavors include vanilla, chocolate, marble, lemon and raspberry.
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