New Year’s Decoration Ideas

To celebrate a new beginning, get inspired by these New Year’s decoration ideas that are sure to capture the joy of the holiday. Festive New Year’s Eve decorations can set the right atmosphere as you pop a bottle of champagne, make a toast, and count down to midnight. Everyone will be in good spirits and in good company at a celebration crafted with the following New Year’s decorating ideas.

Table settings: Don’t skimp on glitz when you set the table. Let a beautiful tablescape serve as part of the decoration. Gold and silver accents will really set the scene.

Here are four fabulous ideas for New Year’s decorations:

  • Shimmering Streamers: Instead of tossing leftover scraps of holiday wrap, recycle them into glamorous New Year’s party decorations. Cut metallic or pretty patterned paper into graduated circles ranging from 2 to 6 inches in diameter, and arrange them by size with the largest at the top and smallest at the bottom. To begin assembling your chains, you’ll need to punch two holes on either side of each circle, except for the smallest one which only needs one hole punched. Connect the links using ribbon or jump rings, and attach a longer string to the top so you can hang your streamers. As they descend from above, they will look just like the ball dropping in Times Square!
  • Table settings: Don’t skimp on glitz when you set the table. Let a beautiful tablescape serve as part of the decoration. Gold and silver accents will really set the scene.
  • Bubble Wrap Runner: Save all of your packaging supplies and turn them into a fun and colorful floor runner for your home. Color the flat side of a strip of bubble wrap with permanent marker and securely tape the runner along a walkway. At midnight, you will have an appropriately loud way to celebrate the New Year!
  • Party Banner: For this project you will need colored construction paper, markers, glue, scissors, and string. First, pick a message that you want to display. This can be as simple as “Happy New Year,” or “Cheers,” or simply the date of the new year you will be ushering in at midnight. Cut your paper into triangles and write one letter or character onto each. For a whimsical touch, alternate the color of your paper as you go. Affix these flags to your string by folding the top of the triangles over and gluing the flap down to the back of the banner.
  • Floral Pom-Poms: These floating decorations for New Year’s will impart a cheerful radiance during your party. Start by stacking eight sheets of tissue paper and making 1 ½ inch accordion folds along the length. Using either floral wire or a twist tie, slip it over the center of your folded tissue and secure. Next, trim the ends of the tissue into either a rounded or pointed shape. To reveal the final product, carefully separate the layers by pulling them away from the center one at a time and attach a ribbon or monofilament to the center so you can hang your decorations. Voila! You now have a beautiful way to add charm to your party. Create a few poms-poms that match the color scheme of your event.

Pick a theme for your New Year’s decorations that will set the tone for the whole night. White and silver balloons can add instant drama to a room while brightly colored lights create a cool vibe. No matter where you find your inspiration, your decorations can help you create a wonderful celebration and ring in the New Year in style.

Start to plan your own celebration with one of our free New Year’s Eve party invitations!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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