New Year's Night on the Town

Plan a fun New Year’s Eve night out and have a blast with close friends. Take charge of the evening and suggest options for New Year’s Eve events. Think of the places where you and your friends always have a great time, and call those venues to find out their New Year’s offerings. Consider ideas such as going out to dinner, going out dancing, or attending a concert.

Get the gang together for an unforgettable night on the town with these fabulous New Year’s Eve ideas.

  • New Year’s Eve Restaurant: Celebrate New Year’s Eve at a popular restaurant and enjoy spectacular cuisine. Review restaurant options in advance, and make your selection based on the type of food the majority of attendees prefer. Popular types of restaurants include Italian, seafood, tapas, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Mexican. Make reservations as far in advance as possible. Add some extra seats when making the reservation in case there are last minute attendees.
  • New Year’s Eve Clubs: Plan a night of fun at the clubs! Get dressed up and head out to ring in the New Year. Ask about any special New Year’s Eve entertainment planned for the evening. Have a fun night on the town at your favorite New Year club with all of your closest friends! Call the club in advance to check about the dress code.
  • New Year’s Eve Concerts: Go online and research concerts scheduled for New Year’s Eve. Party it up at a concert in one of the best New Year’s cities, such as Boston, New York, Chicago, LA, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, and more! Purchase tickets for you and your friends as soon as possible. Add an extra touch of fun to the evening, and hire a local limo service to avoid worrying about driving or parking.

Start planning your New Year's night out, and make reservation or purchase tickets in advance. New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest and most popular nights of the year. Try one of our free New Year’s Eve invitations!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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