New York Bachelor Party

Whether you live in the area or need to fly there, having a New York bachelor party is a great way to gather all the guys together in the city that never sleeps for some wild times before the big day. New York City offers some of the best restaurants, bars, entertainment, and hotels in the world. No guy would turn down the opportunity to have their bachelor party in NYC!

Throwing a bachelor party in New York can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming. There are so many options for eating and recreation, so having a guide or asking friends for advice and recommendations is a great idea. New York bachelor parties can also get a little wild. Bars close late, people love to go out in the city, and it's a huge event you're celebrating. So, plan ahead and be organized to avoid any last minute struggles or drama.

New York bachelor party ideas:

  • Ask all the guests for a list of their favorite New York restaurants, hotels, and activities. Then, make the decision from there based on price, availability, and what the groom-to-be wants. If everyone would rather try new things, search online for the best rated.
  • It can be virtually impossible to eat at a NYC restaurant without a reservation. Make a few so all bases are covered and then cancel once you get to the city and you know where you will be.
  • There are so many sections of NYC, that it's best to know where all the activities will be so you can plan when you'll need to take a cab or the subway or if you can walk.
  • For New York bachelor party activities, go see a ball game, football game, or go to a batting cage or Chelsea Pier.
  • After dinner, head to a variety of bars to continue a night of fun and make sure everyone has cash for cabs and knows where you're staying just in case the group is separated.
  • Splurge and rent a "party bus" to get everyone where they need to go all weekend.

Bachelor party ideas New York-style all depend on what the groom-to-be wants and how crazy he wants the party to be. If you're in charge, plan ahead and then allow yourself to relax and enjoy the weekend when it finally arrives.

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