Plan an Extraordinary Avengers Birthday Party

Host a super birthday party with an Avengers theme! Kick off your party planning with exclusive Avengers online invitations featuring your favorite characters — Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and more.

Customize your favorite invite with important information your guests need to know – location, date, time, and any other details you want to include. Once you’ve personalized your design, you can easily share your invitations with guests via email and social media. After you send your invites, start planning the perfect Avengers themed birthday party!

Here are a few exciting ideas for an Avengers birthday party to get you started:

Decorations that POP!: When you choose decorations for your Avengers birthday party, opt for colors and themes that will wow your guests! Decorate your party space with yellow, red, and blue paper streamers, balloons, banners, and more. Set the scene with comic-inspired decoration, including graphic speech bubbles that say “Boom!,” “Zap!,” and “Pow!”

Superhero Snacks: Offer your party guests adventurous fare fit for a superhero. Serve various snacks that reflect the different Avengers characters. You can stick cubed cheese onto pretzel sticks to represent Thor’s hammers. Set the cheese hammers up on a plate so guests can munch on them throughout the party. Another good idea is to incorporate Captain America’s iconic shield into your party food. Arrange a fruit tray using strawberries, blueberries, and marshmallows to mimic Captain America’s red, white, and blue shield. You can even use a star-shaped cookie cutter on various foods — watermelon, sandwiches, cookies, and more — to represent the star on Captain America’s shield. Guests will have fun enjoying these exciting eats!

Action-Packed Activities: Every superhero needs his or her signature mask! Set up a space where party guests can decorate their own superhero masks using paint and other craft supplies. This will double as a fun party favor! Another exciting idea is to set up a “Superhero Training Camp.” Arrange an obstacle course and have party-goers brave the course and graduate a brave and bold superhero!

Throw a fun-filled Avengers birthday party that will be the adventure of the year. Our free Avengers online invitations make it easy for you to get started on party planning!

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