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When is Friendsgiving?

Though Friendsgiving is an unofficial holiday, the most popular time to host Friendsgiving parties tends to be in the week before Thanksgiving, while many consider it an opportunity to turn Thanksgiving into "Thanksgiving Season".  Since we have a wide range of Thanksgiving celebrations in North America - in Canada Thanksgiving is held on the 2nd Monday in October while here in the US we celebrate on the 4th Thursday of November - it makes great sense to host your Friendsgiving gathering during that period. 

Some even plan their Friendsgiving gatherings during Homecoming weekend, as it is a perfect time to reconnect with the friends who have dispersed to attend college nearby or further away. 

What is Friendsgiving and Why Do We Celebrate It? 

Not everyone celebrates Friendsgiving. Thanksgiving has traditionally been a time for heartfelt family gatherings; an opportunity to come home on a long weekend to celebrate the holiday with family; and for time spent together - cooking, indulging in homemade pies, watching football, etc. Friendsgiving has become a celebration in a similar manner with Friends, or with chosen family. 

This may be because more and more young adults are waiting until later in life to get married and have a home of their own to host Family Thanksgiving in. It may also be because we are very mobile, relocating across the country, or often internationally for career opportunities that may not allow us to make it home for Thanksgiving weekend.

Whatever your reason for celebrating, we really love that Friendsgiving is about nurturing the connection we have with our friends and choosing to get together to spend quality time enjoying a meal, conversation, and perhaps a bit of wine as opposed to focusing on gift giving or the shopping frenzy that can envelop Christmas gatherings.

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Friendsgiving is also an opportunity to embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving while having a far less formal or traditional gathering. Host a backyard picnic, barbecue, or corn boil. Arrange a potluck with all of your favorite ethnic take-out dishes. Or have all of your friends bring their favorite dish from their family Thanksgiving (remember that "5-cup salad" that Grandma used to make?) Whatever your theme or whomever you're inviting, we can help you find Friendsgiving Invitations to bring it all together! 

Send Friendsgiving Invitations Today

We've pulled together a few of our favorite online Friendsgiving Invitations to help you get ready for your gathering.

Chalkboard Art-Inspired Invitations

Invite your creative friends and prepare for a food coma with these invitations inspired by chalkboard drawings.

Get Mickey Mouse to Help!

Where would Mickey Mouse be without his friends? Choose these retro Mickey Mouse and Friends designs for your Friendsgiving invitations.

Get Nostalgic!

How many of us used construction paper, or a paper plate, to create our own turkey art in grade school? Lean into that nostalgia with this "Paper Turkey" design.

paper-turkey.png 423.82 KB

Take a More Traditional Approach

Whether fall foliage or florals are your style, or you want your friends to have a "hoot", we've got a wide variety of traditional themed invites with fall color palettes. 

Plan the Potluck

Choose this pumpkin pie design or a crock pot die-cut to invite friends to bring their favorite dish. And don't forget to use our Potluck Signup to track what your guests are bringing.

Plan a Fun, Casual Get-Together

Eat yourself into a food coma, drink your favorite wines, or gobble 'til you wobble.

No matter what theme you choose for your Friendsgiving gathering, as long as you're spending time and making memories with the special people in your life, your Friendsgiving will be a perfect Friendsgiving!  
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