The Best Winter Cocktails

Winter isn't as enjoyable without a few signature, heart-warming cocktails to toast the season. Winter cocktails can be served during any winter event and it's best to use seasonal flavors to give them a festive, warm scent and flavor. A special winter cocktail offered to guests at a party or holiday celebration is the perfect touch to welcome them. Offer winter themed cocktails that are in bright colors like silver, gold, red, green, and white, or add a candy cane as the finishing touch.

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Cocktails for winter include: 
  •  Champagne Punch
  •  Eggnog
  •  Holiday Spiced Punch
  •  White Russian
  •  Brandy Alexander
Warm winter cocktails: 
  •  Hot Toddy
  •  Irish Coffee
  •  Hot Buttered Rum
  •  Spiked Hot Chocolate
  •  Sambuca Latte
Here are a few favorite winter cocktail recipes to get you started. 

Rum Punch

Slice a few oranges and bake with cloves until soft. Add some rum and a cup of sugar to a large punch bowl and add a gallon of apple cider. Stir in some cinnamon sticks, a dash of nutmeg, the oranges and cloves, and serve hot.

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Fizzy Manhattan

Place 2 ounces of good rye whiskey and an ounce of bitter pale ale beer in a cocktail mixer and shake with ice. Add an ounce of sweet vermouth, strain into glass, and add a slice of orange and a cherry as a garnish.

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Cranberry Champagne

Combine 100% cranberry juice with a bottle of champagne and chill. Freeze cranberries and place in each glass before serving.
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Of course, the winter cocktail recipe or winter cocktail idea doesn't have to include alcohol. Make regular eggnog, hot chocolate or Bloody Marys without the hard stuff and let everyone have a taste!

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