Wine Tasting Birthday Party Tips

Plan a classy and relaxing backyard wine tasting birthday party that will make your guests feel like they are spending the day at a scenic vineyard somewhere in Napa Valley or the French countryside. A wine tasting birthday party will provide the perfect opportunity to uncork a fancy bottle of wine, and unwind with your friends and family. A wine tasting party is a great idea because it channels the sophistication and serenity of a trip to a winery or vineyard.  

Wine Tasting Party

Here are few wine tasting party tips to help you start planning:

Find an appropriate venue. Depending on the size of your guest list, you may decide to host your wine tasting party outside your home. Some options include your local wine bar or a nearby winery. If your backyard can host the amount of people that you are planning to invite, then a backyard wine tasting party is an easy, relaxed, and fun choice for your party venue.  

Send beautiful invites. Let your guests know well in advance about your party with beautiful invitations. Choose a wine-themed design for your party and send online invitations to keep track of your guest list.

Make a wine list. Purchase a mix of red wines and white wines, ranging from dry to fruity and sweet. Make sure to ask about the wine descriptions when purchasing them, or look them up online later. It will be a fun game to have your guests guess the wine’s description. A few examples of wine descriptions include: earthy, oaked, toasty, minerally, juicy, charcoal, and cigar box.     

Remember to wine and dine. So you have the “wine,” but do you have the “dine?” A wine tasting party will offer fun opportunities for wine and food pairings that your guests can try. Here is a list of wines and what food they will pair best with:

Sauvignon Blanc- pair with seared scallops or a grapefruit salad.

Dry Rose- pair with a rich cheese and sea salt crackers.

Chardonnay- pair with Shrimp Scampi.

Pinot Grigio- pair with tuna tartar.

Cabernet Sauvignon- pair with lamb chops or juicy steak shish kabobs.

Malbec- pair with sweet and spicy barbecue chicken.

Pinot Noir- pair with a brick-oven pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, lamb, sauteed onion or tomato and basil bruschetta.

Wine Tasting Birthday Party

Music and ambiance. Make an easygoing and lighthearted playlist to play during your wine tasting party. You can even consider incorporating popular wine-related songs such as UB40’s Red, Red Wine, Elton John’s Elderberry Wine, or Marvin Gaye’s I Heard it Through the Grapevine. If you are hosting your event in the evening or at night, you will want to consider using string lighting for a classy and romantic ambiance.

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