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Our Handmade Art Invitation Collection — the perfect marriage of art and convenience — elevates the design of online invitations to an entirely new level. We started with the highest quality materials and used the most beautiful artistic techniques. The result? Online invitations that are like no other. Our Handmade Art Collection is not just as good as paper. It’s better.


A stroke of genius. Hand-painted illustrations and patterns create gorgeous, memorable online invitations that are full of color and style. Designs are painted onto paper, canvas, or woodblock, and then scanned for the digital world.

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Rainbow Birthday Cake Peach Blossoms Rustic Floral

Dust off the blackboard. Chalkboard illustrations and hand-lettering add a homemade, personal touch to some of our most-loved invitation designs. Chalk drawings are custom illustrated and photographed to capture their full texture.

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Chalkboard Birthday Cake Circus Chalkboard Superhero Chalkboard

A layered affair. When we think about handmade invitations, we start with paper. Hand-cut clippings are assembled, layered, and pasted to build our unique collage designs. Imperfect edges and hidden images add whimsical charm.

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Movie Night Pirate Ship Princess Castle
Pen & Pencil

It all begins with a sketch on paper. Beautiful, original drawings are the foundation for dozens of our party invitations. Realistic portraits, custom cartoons, and casually doodled details all come to life on the phone or computer screen.

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Curlicue Birthday Cake Beautiful Horse Groovy Owl

For when only a curlicue will do. Our artists use hand-drawn calligraphy to lend sophistication and elegance to even the most simple party invitation. Original penwork is done in black ink, scanned, and then colored digitally.

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Colorful Confetti Surprise Calligraphy Two