16th Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for 16th birthday ideas to help plan an amazing sweet sixteen party for your child? There are lots of great ideas for sweet sixteen parties!  Most teens want a Sweet 16 party that includes their closest friends and makes them feel special. 

Here are a few ideas for 16th birthdays that do just that:

  • Host a party: The obvious way to celebrate a sweet 16 is with a party. Whether it's an elaborate event at a rented venue or an intimate gathering of friends at the house, they'll love the time and attention you devote to making their event special. Seek ideas from the seasons. Planning a summer party? Celebrate poolside! Invite friends to a pool party. Take your 16-year-old shopping for a fun new bathing suit, pool-friendly flip-flops or slides, and some glam sunglasses. Or, make it an evening pool party complete with tiki torches, colorful lanterns, and a playlist made for dancing. Planning a winter shindig? Turn your living room into a cozy ski lodge. You get the point. With teens, it's all about who's there joining the fun.
  • A weekend away: Another fun 16th birthday party idea is to get a group of your teen's friends together for a weekend away. It could be at a beach house, camping trip, or swanky hotel in the nearest city with a spa appointment. Set your teen and their friends up a room or two and get yourself a room down the hall so you're present but separate. Have a few activities planned, including a birthday dinner at one of their favorite restaurants where the focus is entirely on the birthday boy or girl.
  • Experience party: If there is something that your teen has always wanted to try, such as ziplining, rock climbing, or whitewater rafting, use the Sweet 16 as a reason to finally try something new. Explore options for doing the activity, find out how many friends you can bring, then alert the company that you'll be celebrating a 16th birthday. It's a great opportunity to make memories. And don't forget to capture them all in a FREE Shared Album from Memento!
For additional 16th birthday ideas, seek inspiration from the activities that your teen likes to do as well as any hobbies or interests that they may have. Get started on your party planning by browsing through our collection of teen birthday party invitations.

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