21st Birthday Cake Ideas

Know someone with a 21st birthday coming up and want to do something special for them? Make them a cake! With so many possibilities for unique, creative, homemade 21st birthday cakes, you can customize your cake to fit the style of the birthday girl or boy. 

Think outside of the box to come up with cake ideas that are really unique. Find things around your house, in your local party supply store, or at the grocery store to add that personal touch. Here are few ideas for ways to create the perfect homemade 21st birthday cake:

  • Martini/Beer Glass Topper: An east way to make a unique, homemade 21st birthday cake is to use creative cake toppers. Since turning 21 is a milestone birthday that revolves around drinking, incorporate this theme into your birthday cake. Top your cake with either a martini glass or beer mug to add a creative touch to any ordinary box cake. You can even fill the martini or beer mug with different colored candies to match the cakes frosting or party theme colors. 
  • Use Color: Food coloring can bring any 21st birthday cake designs to the next level. Typically, homemade birthday cakes are boring and lack pizazz. Add some flair to your cake with food coloring. To get fun colors, mix food coloring with vanilla frosting. Colors work great on themed cakes or even layer cakes. You can also use different color icing to create designs on your cake if you have an artistic flare. Choose vibrant colors to make a cake that stands out at the 21st birthday party.

  • Queen/King Cake: This 21st birthday cake idea is a great way to make the birthday honoree feel like a queen or a king. At any local party supply store you can find plastic princess tiaras and crowns. These make great cake decorations to transform your plain cake into a royal one. It's ideal if you can incorporate the “21” milestone in your cake decorations as well. You don’t have to stop at the crown either; party stores often sell other accessories that you can use to decorate your cake. Just make sure you tell everyone eating it that everything isn’t edible.  

A homemade 21st birthday cake is a creative, fun way to show someone how much you care. Match the cake to the theme to create a personalized cake. Just remember that nothing is off limits when decorating; some of the most unsuspecting items can be the perfect homemade cake decorations!

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