2nd Birthday Party Ideas

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Hosting a 2nd birthday party is an exciting time for any parent! There are many terrific 2nd birthday party ideas that you can use to host the event. From choosing the theme to figuring out invitation wording, there are a lot of details to think about. Here are some tips and ideas for planning your child's 2nd birthday party:
  • Who to Invite: When planning a 2nd birthday party, it is important to keep in mind your little one’s interests and personality. Two-year-olds are often curious about their environment and have a growing vocabulary and language skills. If your two-year-old is fairly social, this will be a great opportunity for you to throw a larger party for them with friends and family members. But if your son or daughter is a little shy, you may want to throw a smaller party.

  • Invitation Ideas: There are many unique ideas for 2nd birthday invitations. If your party has a theme, you can incorporate it into your invitation. The 2nd birthday invitation wording is another essential to keep in mind. A cute idea is to add a quote or create a rhyming phrase to put on the invitation. It could be something simple like: “We’re inviting you to join us so that we all can say, Happy birthday Jack, it’s your special day!” Or if your party is themed, you could write something more detailed like: “We’re having a party because Sam is turning two. We’re inviting Elmo, Big Bird, and Count Dracula too!"

  • Party Themes: There are many excellent 2nd birthday party themes that you can incorporate into the event. If your son or daughter has a favorite television show, book, movie, or toy, this would be a perfect theme for their party. Here are some of the popular 2nd birthday invitations available in our Kid's Characters Collection: 

  • Activities: Two-year-olds are usually fairly active. It is a good idea for a 2nd birthday party to plan some games and activities for the kids, especially if there will be other toddlers around the same age in attendance. Songs like “Ring around the Rosie” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” are fun for them. You could also set up building blocks, coloring books, dolls, instruments, or other fun activities to keep them entertained during the party. Most two-year-olds still require naps, so try to keep this in mind when planning the timing for your party as well!
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