Cuban-themed 30th Birthday

Planning a 30th birthday and need a festive 30th party theme? A Cuban or tropical theme is a fabulous idea that you can easily work into all aspects of the celebration.

  • Venue: Find a venue that will accommodate all of your 30th birthday party guests. You don't necessarily need to have a sit-down dinner, but a place that can make some appetizers would be nice. You may also want to find a venue that will let you have a band (more to come on that later).
  • Menu: Talk to the bar or restaurant manager and see if they will create a special food and drink menu for your party. Mojitos come to mind, which can be made in many delicious flavors like mango and blueberry. For the food menu, try to incorporate some hors d'oevres that can be easily eaten while standing and mingling. Some ideas include croquetas, empanadas, tamales.

  • Flowers: Spruce up your venue with flowers in bright colors. The pinks and reds of the hibiscus, for example, will create the feel of the Caribbean while adding life to any dark space.                

Cuban-themed 30th Birthday

  • Music: Music will also set the tone of your party. You can look for a great Cuban band to perform live at the event. There are bands all over the country that specialize in Spanish music, or you can find a Spanish DJ to add a latin flair to your event. As a last resort, create your own playlist for the party. Either way, the upbeat rhythms will get everyone at the party dancing and having a great time!
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