50th Anniversary Centerpieces

50th anniversary table decorations are a nice touch to complement your party space. To create beautiful 50th wedding anniversary centerpieces, focus on items that are as timeless and classic as the commitment that is about to be celebrated. Stick with 50th anniversary centerpieces that emanate these romantic feelings and you’ll be sure to have an elegant event!

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few 50th anniversary centerpiece ideas to get you started:

  • Flower Centerpiece: Flowers are classic centerpieces. Start out with the choice of a beautiful vase. Clear vases are always good bets and you can fill them with colorful pebbles to match your tablecloths or the flowers themselves. Another idea is to choose a light gold or champagne-colored vase (just make sure it’s not too shiny). Next, fill them with the couple’s favorite flowers, those they used at their wedding or even “gold” flowers such as sunflowers or yellow daffodils. Make sure that neither the vase nor the flowers are too tall or wide to see around!
  • Nostalgic Centerpiece: Use the same centerpieces that were used on the day of the wedding (or similar ones). This is a nice, personalized way to help recreate the memory of the wedding for the bride and groom.
  • “50” Themed Centerpiece: Get centerpieces that say “50” on them, such as personalized vases or even small gold numbers that spell out “50.” These can double as table markers or as balloon weights. If you do decide to use balloons as centerpieces, make sure you leave enough string so that the balloons float above the table. You don’t want to block people’s views of each other as they sit at the table!
  • Candle Centerpiece: Small gold candles or candle-holders also make great centerpieces. If you get them personalized, they can also be party favors! Arrange them in small groups or circles at the center of the table. Just be careful to pick some that are not too tall, otherwise your guests won’t be able to see each other as they sit at the table.
  • Confetti Centerpiece: Confetti makes a festive table decoration and can actually be very subtle. Sprinkle a few gold foil sparkles over the table and you’ll be surprised at how much it actually adds to the table. Just be sure not to put too much on, otherwise your golden anniversary will start to look like a New Year’s party!

The key for successful 50th anniversary table decorations is to be practical. Centerpieces can be beautiful, but you want to always make sure that they won’t bother your guests as they enjoy their meals. Remember that the reason they sit at the table is to eat and speak! A great way to avoid any sort of problem with this is to test out the centerpieces for yourself. To do this, all you have to do is sit at the table! Assume that there will be people who are taller than you, and make sure you can see over or around your centerpieces.

No matter what you choose for your tables, remember this: the simple, classic route is always the best for this occasion!

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