Add a Map to Your Digital Invitation

Planning a party should be an enjoyable process that gets you excited for your upcoming event. When the small stuff gets in the way, however, you may begin to feel frustrated and want to abandon the whole thing.

Perhaps no part of “the small stuff” is more maddening than giving out directions. Guests come from all over, and busy hosts rarely have the time to sit down and dole out custom directions to friends coming from all different locations. Luckily, Punchbowl invitations automatically generate directions and a map for guests so you don't have to stress!

How to Add a Map & Directions

Once you find the perfect online invitation, enter the Address, City, State, and Zip Code of your event in the Design section of your invitation.

directions1b.png 116.4 KB

Once these fields have been filled out and you send your invitations, guests will find a "Get Directions" link to the right of the invitation after they open it.  

directions.png 316.93 KB

After guests click the "Get Directions" link, they'll see turn-by-turn navigation and a map through Google Maps once they enter their starting point.  

directions map 2.png 763.99 KB

Voila! You no longer have to explain street names and stop lights to each guest and can focus on the details that really matter instead!
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