Around the World Theme Bridal Shower

Haven’t decided on a bridal shower theme yet? Throw an Around the World-themed bridal shower! This fun and unique theme will keep your guests entertained, while you celebrate with elements from around the globe. This is the perfect theme for any bride-to-be who loves to travel. Here are some ideas for a memorable Around the World bridal shower.
Invitations: Punchbowl has several beautiful digital invitations to choose from. Be creative with your wording and have fun with this unique theme!
Decorations: Set up tables around the house or venue room that feature different countries. Each table will have a certain country’s flag along with photos or figurines of popular landmarks. For example, you could display miniature figurines of the Colosseum and Leaning Tower of Pisa for Italy, or pyramids and a Sphinx for Egypt.  Another idea is to display photos of the bride and groom-to-be in their travels around the globe. Throughout the party, play music from all of the different countries to keep guests entertained.
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Menu: Provide at least one food option from each country that you feature. Set out snacks and appetizers on each country’s table and provide a description and quick fact about its origin. Both spicy and mild foods are encouraged to give everyone a sampling of world cuisines. Serve wine or beer from each country too! For dessert, bake or purchase a cake in the shape of a suitcase, and decorate with cutouts of stamps, passports, and images related to the couple’s honeymoon destination (Just be sure to remove them before cutting!).
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Games: Play games to keep guests engaged and entertained. To fit the theme, play World Trivia, where guests guess the answers to questions about countries all over the world. Another idea is a matching game, where guests match pictures from many locations to a specific country or city. Provide prizes for the winners, such as a foreign beer or an international chocolate sampler.

Gifts: The best part about this theme? The bride-to-be may get gifts from all around the world! Ahead of the bridal shower, suggest that each guest bring a gift related to a foreign country. Here are some gift suggestions that may help guests as they shop:

  •  Belgium - waffle maker, chocolates
  •  China – wok, silk kimono
  •  England – teapot, tea cups, gardening supplies
  •  France – wine, bread maker, framed art
  •  Italy - pasta maker, pizza stone, Panini machine, Italian olive oils
  •  Japan - rice cooker, sushi-making kit
  •  Switzerland – fondue set, ski/snowboard gear
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