Birthday Themes

Looking for ideas for birthday themes? There are so many creative birthday party themes to from which to choose that it can sometimes be difficult to pick one! While some birthday party themes work for both kids and adults, it's best to look at kids birthday themes and adult birthday themes. 

  • Kids Themes, Ages 1-5: All kids party themes are not created equal. A birthday party theme for a two year old is very different from that of an eight or nine year old. For the younger kids, cute themes prevail and include everything from rubber duckies and farm animals to Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street.
  • Kids Themes, Ages 6-12: Once kids start to develop their likes and interests, they begin to have more input into their birthday party theme. Popular tv shows and activities shape their interests and they begin to ask for popular theme parties like Hannah Montana, Star Wars, and pirate parties. Their parties also are often based around an activity like mini-golf or bowling. Not to mention that there is quite a difference between girls birthday party themes and birthday themes for boys. Listen to their requests as it may actually make your job of planning much easier!
  • Teen Party Themes: Teenagers can be tricky when it comes to birthdays. They might not necessarily want a party theme. However if you're planning a bigger event such as a bar or bat mitzvah or a sweet sixteen party, there are a number of age-appropriate birthday party themes that can work well. Generica themes like music, movies, or the 80s can all work well for teen parties. They're cool enough for the teen but provide lots of great ideas from which you can create an awesome theme party.
  • Adult Theme Parties: If you have an upcoming adult birthday to plan, a theme can really help to pull the party together. From the invitations to the decorations to the menu, incorporate a theme to give the party direction. Some themes that work for adult parties include a casino or game night, decade parties like a disco night or 50s sock hop, or themes around popular tv shows or movies.

You can also incorporate a party theme into other types of parties such as dinner parties, baby showers, and anniversary parties. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a party theme is to keep the guest of honor in mind. What do they like? What will make them have a fun time? As long as you keep these things in mind, you'll be able to plan a fabulous theme party!

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