Bridal Shower Decorations

A bridal shower is an important milestone in any bride-to-be’s journey to the alter. Whether you have planned an intimate celebration or a large bash, choosing the right decorations will enhance the look and feel of the shower. Here are some bridal shower decoration ideas to help you create a memorable celebration.

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  • Theme: Before you begin planning, first choose a theme for your bridal shower. A theme is a wonderful way to personalize a shower and make it unique. It also helps in coordinating your decorations so that everything ties in together effortlessly.  Some great themes are: wine and cheese shower, spa shower, bowling shower, floral shower, or a tea party shower. The theme you choose serves as the platform for the rest of your party planning. You can also work off a simple color palette like pink and purple or blue and chocolate brown.
  • Flowers: Bridal shower décor is not complete without flowers. Weddings are always associated with the timeless romance of flowers, so incorporating them into the bridal shower is important. Flowers are also a great decorating tool that can help transform any party space both visually and aromatically. Before deciding on which type of flowers to use, first see if you can find a type of flower that matches your theme colors. For example, daisies and sunflowers are great options for a “country theme” shower. If the theme is more ambiguous, then opt for more neutral color flowers, the wedding flowers, or the bride’s favorite type of flower. Once you have decided on the type of flower to use, create lots of floral bouquets to place around the party space and as centerpieces on the tables. This will create a romantic, aromatic, and elegant party atmosphere for your bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Decorations

  • Table Décor: Your bridal shower table decorations should incorporate the party theme and personal elements of the bride or couple. A great example is to include a photograph on every table of the bride, the couple, or the bride with members from the bridal party. By adding personal elements from the bride it makes the shower more unique and memorable. In additional to adding a personal touch, things like table linens, glassware, place settings, and place cards should all reflect the theme. Other embellishments such as glitter, ribbons, bows, and confetti are all great additions to your table décor. A great idea for an inventive centerpiece, instead of the traditional flowers, is to have a cake. Place a cake on a cake stand or box to elevate it. When its time to serve desserts at the party, invite your guests to indulge in the cake at their table. This is a creative and easy way to combine two elements of your party planning into one.

Bridal shower decorations can make the party space spectacular, so go all out with tiny details, special touches, and sweet, personalized elements.

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