Corporate Holiday Party Themes

Throw a Memorable Office Christmas Party

The holidays are a great time to gather people from the office to have a company party. Rather than doing the standard food, drinks, and music, why not throw a theme party? It's different and is an excuse for the people you work with to cut loose and relax. Need some inspiration when it comes to corporate holiday party themes? Look no further!
Here are a few of our favorite office holiday party ideas and Christmas party themes:

  • Luau: Decorate your party space like it's a tropical destination, hire some luau dancers, and set up a barbeque station. Hand out leis, grass skirts, and tropical flowers for the hair.
  • Prom: It's more than likely been a while since the prom, so throw another one! Rent a large ballroom or dance hall and pick a theme that's reminiscent of the glory days. Book a DJ, rent some strobe lights, and get the party started.
  • An Affair to Remember: It's rare that adults have an excuse to get dressed up. Throw an office holiday party that's a black tie affair. Host it at a fancy restaurant and serve several courses. Require that everyone wear tuxes and gowns for a super luxe event.
  • Casino: Hire a party company to bring in all of the favorite Casino games. Give everyone the same amount of play money for the evening, and at the end of the night, surprise the biggest win (and the biggest loss) with real prizes! 
  • Carnival: Give employees the chance to be kids again and transform the party space into a carnival. Rent booths, entertainment, games, and workers to run the entire event. Serve fun food like cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, and soda fountain drinks.
  • Christmas PJ Party: This one is extra fun for a small family business, when employees are bringing their children to the party. Have everyone wear their favorite Christmas pyjamas and fuzzy slippers. Serve hot cocoa, read stories around a fireplace, and have each of the little ones pose for a picture with Santa. 
  • Ugly Sweater Party: Keep it fun and casual with an ugly sweater contest and prizes for the ugliest, the most creative, the best home-made design, etc. 
It's totally acceptable to use your imagination when it comes to office Christmas party theme ideas. The employees will appreciate the effort and will look forward to what you come up with next year. Company holiday party themes can be an annual tradition! And remember to send one of our free Holiday party invitations to kickoff your office celebration!
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