Dinner Party Menus

Are you looking for some superb dinner party menus? If so, you have come to the right place! Plan your dinner party menu ideas and dinner party recipes based on whether the evening will be casual, elegant or simple. Be sure to plan the appetizers, main course and desserts around the style and theme of the event.
  • Casual: The perfect casual dinner party menu consists of food from the grill. For appetizers, serve grilled and stuffed portabella mushrooms. Main course foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, steak tips and barbeque chicken make great dinner party meals. Offer guests kabobs that contain a combination of steak, chicken and vegetables. Cut up an assortment of vegetables such as zucchini, carrots and broccoli to cook on the grill. Season them with a dab of oil and a pinch of salt. Add a starch to the meal by cooking corn or potato wedges with garlic and onion seasoning. Last but not least, enjoy sticky, gooey S’mores for dessert!
  • Elegant: Plan an elegant dinner party menu based on the likes and dislikes of your guests. For appetizers, serve calamari and cold shrimp with cocktail sauce for dipping. An appropriate main course dinner party recipe is salmon glazed with teriyaki sauce. Serve jasmine rice and a grilled vegetable such as asparagus on the side. For dessert, treat guests to tirimasu and hot cappuccino. Consider hiring a local caterer to assist with preparing the food and serving guests.
  • Simple: A simple dinner party menu is ideal if preparation time is limited and there are not a lot of helping hands in the kitchen. An appetizer like pigs in a blanket (mini hot dogs wrapped in dough), is a perfect idea for a simple appetizer.  Another simple idea is chips or veggies and dip. As a main part of the meal, serve either a deli platter or finger sandwiches. Complementary side dishes include potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad and dill pick spears. For simple dessert options, visit your local bakery and purchase a strawberry shortcake or a simple chocolate cake for guests.

Dinner party meals and dinner party recipes are easy to figure out if you use a little imagination and ask guests for help. Consider hosting a potluck and ask everyone to bring their favorite dish!

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