DIY New Year’s Hats

Prepare to celebrate the upcoming year in style with DIY New Year’s hats. Create a whole ensemble and coordinate your New Year’s Eve hat with your clothing. Plan the Happy New Year hats around the clothes, or the clothes around the hat!

Here are a few ideas for fun, do-it-yourself New Year’s hats:

  • Classy: Make your own New Year’s Eve hat with a touch of class. Use a simple hat such as a top hat in the color black. Brush glue onto the hat, sprinkle it with black glitter and cover the entire hat in sparkles. Purchase thick white satin ribbon and glue it to both the top rim and bottom rim of the hat. Keep the decorative lines clean, and don’t go overboard. Remember, sometimes less is more!
  • Fun: Gather the kids together to make hats for New Year’s Eve crafts. Show the kids examples of pre-made hats, but encourage them to use their own creative ideas. Supply the kids with hats and fun decorations. Give the option of top hats or cone hats. Provide glue, feathers, gems, sequins, puffy paint, and stickers. Let the kids go wild! Print out “Happy New Year” text on a piece of card stock paper small enough to fit on the front of the hat. Cut out the text with jagged edges, and offer the kids the option to glue it to the fronts of their hats.
  • Tiara: Satisfy a diva’s desire with New Year’s tiaras. Purchase plain New Year’s tiaras from your local party store and add girly decorations such as pink feathers and stick-on diamonds for extra sparkle.
  • Traditional: Stick with traditional New Year’s party hats to ring in the New Year. Decorate a black, white, or colored New Year’s Eve top hat with a simple, “Happy New Year,” written on the front. Write out the text first with permanent marker and then write over it with sparkly puffy paint for one option. For another idea, print out “Happy New Year” on card stock. Run a piece of ribbon from one side of the card stock, around the back of the hat, and attach it to the other side of the card stock. Add silver fringe to the bottom of the hat for extra décor.

Throw a New Year’s party and encourage guests to either decorate New Year’s Eve hats at the party or bring decorated hats made at home. Have a contest and award prizes for the best classy, fun, and traditional New Year hats. Start to plan your own celebration with one of our free New Year’s Eve party invitations!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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