Frog Baby Shower

Ribbit, ribbit, croak, croak, hop hop! Soon a new tadpole will make his or her appearance in the world. Celebrate the upcoming arrival with a frog baby shower for the expecting mom.

Frog baby showers can work for baby boys or baby girls. They're great for an outdoorsy mom-to-be or a couple that has an affinity for frogs. Some frog baby shower ideas include:

  • Party Supplies:  When shopping for party supplies, keep with the frog baby shower theme and select frog baby shower supplies. This includes plates in the shape of a frog, cups with frogs on them, green cutlery and green napkins. Accent the party with the color pink if the baby is a girl. For a boy, use the color blue.
  • Decorations: Balloons create a festive atmosphere. To create frog baby shower decorations, create your own balloon arrangements with bunches of green and pink or green and blue balloons. In the center of each balloon bouquet, add a foil balloon in the shape of a frog. Put them outside to alert guests of the party location and save a few bouquets for key spots in the shower venue. Additionally, accent your party space with frog figurines, stuffed animals, and statues.
  • Centerpiece Ideas: Frogs are often found relaxing on lily pads. You can use this visual to create a beautiful centerpiece for the frog shower. Fill clear, shallow bowls with water, add blue food coloring to make the water blue, then add floating candles to the bowl in the shape of lily pads. If you prefer flowers to candles, create a beautiful centerpiece with a pail, plant, and frog figurine. Take a small pail and paint it green. Fill hte pail with a plant or flower arrangement. Find some cute frog figurines and attach them to dowels (also paint the dowels green). Stick the dowel with the frog into the plant so it looks like the frog is sitting pretty (see above)! 
  • Cake: Celebrate the frog themed baby shower with a frog baby shower cake. Bake two circular cakes and layer them on top of each other, using frosting in the middle to keep them secure. Frost both cakes with light blue frosting. The base cakes will represent a pond. Bake a smaller, and shorter cake to be stacked on top of the base cakes. Cut the smaller cake with squiggly edges so that it looks like a lily pad. Frost the smaller cake with dark green frosting. Create the figure of a frog by molding rice krispy treat mixture into the shape of a frog. Cover it with green fondant frosting. Another option is to purchase plastic frog figurines and place them on the top of the cake.
  • Favors: To create frog baby shower favors, purchase frog candy molds to make chocolate frog lollipops. Fill the molds using melted green colored chocolate, which can be found at your local arts and crafts store. If you cannot find green chocolate, buy white chocolate and use green food coloring. Before the chocolate hardens, place a lollipop stick at the end. Once hardened, place a small cellophane bag over the chocolate portion of the lollipop, and tie a ribbon around the bottom of the bag. Position the lollipops at each table setting.                     
“Hoppy” frog party planning!
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