Golden Anniversary Party Ideas

A golden anniversary—also known as the 50th anniversary—is an important milestone worthy of the biggest celebration! Honoring and cherishing your significant other, through all of life’s trials and tribulations takes commitment and love. To stand by your partner for fifty years is a wonderful reason to celebrate being a golden couple.

Loved ones who want to plan a golden anniversary party for the happy couple have many options when it comes to the type of party to plan. Here are some golden anniversary ideas to get you started:

  • Invitations: Revolve the golden anniversary party around the color gold. This is a perfect way to keep with the fifty year tradition. Golden anniversary party invitations will ideally have gold text as well as the color gold incorporated into the design.
  • Decorations: Create splashes fo gold throughout the event to celebrate the golden couple. Group together gold balloons and tie them to chairs. You can also place some on the floor. To create beautiful table settings, use white tablecloths with gold table runners. Accent the table with gold napkins. Scatter gold confetti in the center of the tables, and polish the look off with gold balloons for a centerpiece.
  • Game: For a golden anniversary party game, think of a list of questions about the special couple. One person should be prepared to stand in the front of the room to read each question. Place a bell at each guest table. If guests know the answer to a question, the representative for the table will ring the bell. Whichever representative rings the bell first will have the opportunity to answer the question. If the table answers incorrectly, place the question back in the pile, and read it again later in the game. The table that answers the most questions correctly will win a prize.

    Examples of golden anniversary questions include:
    • Where did the couple go on their honeymoon?
    • What color were the bridesmaids’ dresses at the couple’s wedding?
    • What was the couple’s first dance song?
    • How long did the couple date before getting married?
    • How did the couple celebrate their engagement?
  • Favors: Golden anniversary party favors will leave guests with memorabilia that will help them remember the event. Purchase chocolates with gold foil wrappers and place them in either clear cellophane bags or gold mesh bags. Place a bag of chocolates at each table setting to compliment the other gold accents, such as the gold table runner and centerpiece.
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