Gourmet Make Your Own Pizza Party

Pizza is one of the most loved foods all over the world. Almost anywhere you travel - from Boston to Bangkok - you'll find a Gourmet Pizza restaurant inspired by the classic (and mouthwatering) Neopolitan Pizza Margherita with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. Let's bring that delicious pizza home at your next dinner party idea! Check out this idea for a gourmet make-your-own pizza party! 

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When you send your make-your-own pizza party invitations, tell everyone it's BYOT - Bring Your Own Toppings! 
Lisa from Chicago used Punchbowl to plan a make-your-own pizza party and found the potluck feature very helpful in keeping track of who was bringing what. She created a new potluck category called "Pizza Fixins" and requested that guests sign up to bring their favorite topping while ensuring that they'd end up with a little of everything. 

As the host, all you need to do is get (or make) the dough — enough for individual-size pizzas for each guest. You might also want to have a few different sauce options, including a red sauce, pesto, and a white sauce, as well as a variety of seasonings.

On the day of your make-your-own pizza party, have bowls labeled with each topping, sauce name, and cheese type. When guests arrive with their fixings, put them in the right bowl. Then, have each guest go through the topping bar to create their own individual pizzas.

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When everyone has completed their gourmet creation, cook a few pizzas at a time. It's fun to cook a few, then cut them into mini slices so guests can try each others' creations! The best part - there's no way to get it wrong because everyone will create their favorite!  Then it's time to Mangia Mangia!
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