How to Use the Digital Invitation Studio

Wouldn't it be great if you could have the quality, experience, and personalization of printed invitations without the cost of paper and postage? Unwrap Punchbowl's Digital Invitation Studio and you will find a beautiful collection of free, pre-packaged online stationery sets for events and celebrations, complete with invitations, envelopes, liners, rubber stamps, and postage.

With hundreds of pre-packaged online stationery sets in stunning designs and color palettes, Digital Invitation Studio turns the page on paper as the only option for hosts who want the elegance of printed invitations. In addition to beautiful stationery sets and custom accents, Digital Invitation Studio allows hosts to deliver a stamped envelope directly to a guest via email and replicates the act of opening a paper invitation. Other sharing options include social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. With envelopes in different shapes and colors, themed postage stamps, and realistic postmarks, you can find the quality and sophistication of paper invitations for free.

Highlights of Digital Invitation Studio include:

  • Hundreds of pre-packaged stationery sets in stunning designs and color palettes.
  • An assortment of standard envelope sizes in multiple color options.
  • Custom accents such as envelope liners and rubber stamps.
  • Customizable postage stamps.
  • Improved guest experience that replicates the act of opening a traditional paper invitation.

Now you can find all of your party planning needs in one place, from sending invitations to managing guests lists to finding local vendors. Try it out for your next event!

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