Ladybug 1st Birthday

A ladybug birthday theme is a great way to celebrate a 1st birthday. There are many different ways that you can incorporate the ladybug theme for your party. Mix and match the different ladybug birthday theme ideas listed below to personalize it for your little one’s first birthday!
  • Invitations: Send ladybug invitations for the party to kickoff the theme. Punchbowl offers a free online invitation (shown below) that's perfect for this theme! Since a first birthday is an imporant milestone for your family, try to send your invitations a 4-5 weeks prior to the birthday party.
  • Decorations: Use colored construction paper or tissue paper to make flowers for the party. Cut them out and hang them on the walls. Then make little ladybugs out of black and red construction paper to rest on the flower petals. Also, tie red and black balloons together and hang them around the room. Another idea is to hang up a sign that says “Happy 1st Birthday” in red and black letters with a ladybug on either side. Complete the ladybug birthday decorations with black and red polka dot tablecloths, ladybug lights, and ladybug clips.
  • Supplies: Purchase ladybug birthday supplies at a local store or online. Make sure that you have enough themed plates, napkins, and cups for everyone attending the party. If you can’t find ladybug specific party supplies, just get red and black supplies to match the color theme of the party.
  • Baby’s Outfit: Another great addition to your ladybug birthday party theme is to dress up your one year old like a ladybug! Pick up a white shirt with a ladybug on it and black and red polka dot pants for your baby to wear. Another great idea is to try to find a ladybug costume at a Halloween store or online for your baby to wear for their first birthday party. Either way, your little ladybug will be camera-ready for some great pictures!
  • Menu: Serve red and black food to keep with the ladybug birthday theme. Black tortilla chips with red salsa, red and black M&Ms, buffalo chicken, and black bean dip are all perfect appetizer ideas. For the main entrée, you could serve blackened chicken with pasta and tomato sauce.
  • Cake: Serve a delicious ladybug birthday cake or cupcakes for dessert! To make the cake yourself, bake two circular cakes - a larger cake and a smaller cake. Frost the smaller cake with chocolate frosting and attach two Twizzlers for antennas (this is the head). Frost the larger cake with red frosting (this is the body). Place Oreos all over the cake to look like spots.
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