Mardi Gras Invitations

The music, the beads, the masks, the parties — it can only mean one thing...Mardi Gras! If you plan to host a Mardi Gras party, spread the word with beautiful, festive Mardi Gras invitations. Here are just a few free digital invitation designs available Punchbowl for Mardi Gras.
Once you choose a design and color scheme, personalize the text on your invitation. In addition to the main event details such as where and when the party will take place, include special language for a Mardi Gras invitation. For example, use "Let the good times roll!" or "Join us for a night of Mardi Gras revelry!"

 After you've personalized the language on your Mardi Gras invite, move on to the customization of the envelope. Choose Mardi Gras themed greetings, stamps and liners to really get guests feeling the Mardi Gras vibes.

You can also choose to make your Mardi Gras party a potluck. In which case, help guests out by providing a list of Cajun and Creole cuisine on the potluck list that you can include with your invitation. Guests can sign up for items immediately after responding to your Mardi Gras invite.
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