New Year’s Eve Menu

Put together a menu for New Year’s Eve filled with delicious dishes that will satisfy your guests’ hunger as you count down until midnight. From traditional New Year’s Eve food to modern favorites, there is something for everybody! Here are some New Year’s Eve menu ideas to try at your celebration.

New Year’s Eve menus can vary depending on your family’s traditions and recipes that may have been passed down through the generations. Add your own personal twist on these classic building blocks for a no-fuss New Year party menu. Crowd-pleasing and delicious, each dish can become a signature go-to for you in the future.

Traditional New Year’s Menu

  • Start with a first course that will stimulate appetites without over-stuffing before the main event. Set out bowls of nuts and a platter of fresh cut veggies serves with a light dip such as red pepper hummus or a creamy dressing.
  • For your dinner course, try herb-roasted Cornish game hens prepared in the oven with garlic-rosemary mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus on the side. Your meal will be hearty, well-balanced, and full of great flavors.
  • Don’t forget dessert! Chocolate is a universal favorite and you can easily prepare a single-layer cake and dust it with powdered sugar to skip the messy frosting process. Serve with coffee ice cream for a unique pairing.

New Year’s is a wonderful time to celebrate tried and true traditions, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and be adventurous with your New Year’s Eve food. Give classic party food a makeover with original recipes that will surprise your guests.

Contemporary New Year’s Menu

  • For a simple appetizer that you can prepare in many ways, go with crostini. Toast slices of baguette and add your preference of toppings. You can put together a Mediterranean version with chickpea spread, EVOO, and green olives, or channel Italian cuisine by using pesto sauce and halved cherry tomatoes.
  • Prepare a festive main course starring blackened ahi tuna with mango salsa. Orzo with roasted shrimp makes a great complement and you can also offer a refreshing winter salad of arugula, fennel, and oranges.
  • Finish off your meal with a dessert buffet of miniature fruit tarts, lemon bars, and sweet bread pudding!

When picking out your food for New Year’s Eve, always take into account the dietary restrictions of others. It’s a great idea to ask your guests whether there are any allergies or vegetarian/vegan practices that you should be aware of before you start your grocery shopping and cooking. You can also encourage others to help out with the feast by bringing their own favorite dish or contributing a personal recipe. Enjoy your holiday meal together and make sure to prepare the bubbly for a midnight toast!

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Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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