New Year's Slumber Party Ideas for Kids

Ring in the New Year and make it an extra special event for tweens with a New Year’s party for kids. Plan New Year’s activities for kids that include age appropriate details. Plan the guest list, the menu and activities.

Celebrate in style with these New Year’s ideas for kids, and create a cheerful and wonderful experience:

  • Make a guest list for the New Year’s Eve party for kids but keep the number of attendees to a minimum, even with a large space. Invite between 10-15 children, maximum. Avoid overwhelming the kids and throwing a party that becomes out of control and a mess to clean up.
  • Provide a “kid friendly” dinner during the kids New Year’s Eve party, such as pizza and salad. Popular pizza toppings include plain cheese and pepperoni. Offer salad dressings such as Italian and Ranch.
  • Offer snacks throughout the evening such as carrots with ranch dip, pretzels, tortilla chips, and M&Ms in a bowl for a special treat. Bake cookies as a fun activity or have everyone decorate their own New Year's cupcake to eat at midnight!
  • Arrange the kids New Year’s party sleepover so the kids can stay up late to watch the ball drop in their pajamas.
  • Plan a “dance party” using your kids’ favorite CDs and fun lighting. Buy glow necklaces and glow sticks for a festive atmosphere.
  • Purchase hats and tiaras, and provide glitter glue, feathers, and faux gemstones so kids can decorate them for an activity. Plan the activity for early in the evening to allow the hats and tiaras to dry by midnight.
  • Purchase noisemakers and kazoos for a noisy midnight celebration!
  • Have mini bagels, cream cheese, eggs, and orange juice ready for some hungry kids on New Year’s morning.

Measure the success level of the New Year’s for kids by the smiles on their faces. End the party knowing your hard work and effort was appreciated, and the party was a hit! Start to plan your own celebration with one of our free New Year’s Eve party invitations!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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