Party Favors for Kids

Need ideas for party favor for kids? There are lots of unique and inexpensive party favor ideas that can complement your child’s birthday celebration. No matter what type of birthday it is, favors can range from handmade items to store bought to food favors. Favors are a common way to thank guests for attending and give them a little something to remember the fun time they had at your party.

The best birthday party favor ideas are ones that tie into the theme of the party. A great example of this is if you’re hosting a princess themed birthday party and give out princess party favors like necklace beading kits, costume jewelry, or princess crowns. One way to combine the theme and the favors is to have the kids make something during the party (that serves as a time filling party activity) that they can then customize and bring home with them at the end of the party. Examples include crowns, magic wands, and jewelry for girls, and pirate swords, bandanas, and cowboy hats for boys.

Toddler birthday party celebrations are very popular, but toddler party favors can be difficult because there are often a lot of adults at a toddler birthday. In that case, think of something universal that adults and kids can use. One idea is to give out premade mixes of your favorite cookie recipe and include cookie cutters that complement the theme. This is a wonderful homemade birthday party favor that parents and kids can both enjoy long after the party is over.

Party favors for kids are meant to be a keepsake from a birthday celebration. The favors do not need to be elaborate or expensive, rather something that is thoughtful and theme related to make it memorable.

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